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Improve Your Dog's Digestion

If you have a dog, you are aware how quickly he or she quickly devours any meal. It is almost like the food was beamed into the mother ship. Some dogs, it is true, inhale, rather than eat their food. In fact, many dogs do not comprehend the meaning of the word “savor.” This is a pity. It could also become a medical issue. If a dog learns to eat rather than devour his or her food, there can be a decrease in digestive health problems.

The longer your dog takes to eat his or her food, the better it is for the digestive system. Slowing down consumption of food makes it easier for the stomach to work on the food. There is less for it to digest. The stomach acid does not have to build up so quickly. The bacteria in the stomach also can slow down its process. This is important since the stomach houses a large portion of the dog’s immune system. If you want your dog to remain healthy, you need to keep the stomach happy.

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The intestines of your pet are also affected by the amount of food intake. If the stomach is passing it through as quickly as possible, the intestines also receive a large share to handle. Like the stomach, the intestines are responsible for keeping your dog healthy. In fact, together with the stomach, the intestines contain almost 70% of your companion animal’s immune system.

There are other reasons why you should try to make Fido slow down when he or she eats. If the dog eats at a slower pace, this is good for you. While the food is given a chance to digest at a slower pace, the body sends a message to the brain. It will send a signal to the rest of the body at the appropriate time to say: “Look. I'm full. You can stop eating now.”

If your dog accepts this message, he or she will stop. Some food will go untouched and the dog will not gain weight in an untimely and unflattering fashion. Moreover, the dog may - and I say "may", cut down on such annoying behavior as begging. The full-stomach may actually cut down on other undesirable actions such as raiding garbage cans and stealing the food of other pets and/or human inhabitants of the household.

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Retraining your dog to slow down while eating may not be easy. There are, however, various ways to accomplish this. The first and easiest way is to change the size of the food. Choose kibble or other dry food that is a larger size than you are currently using. This can work in one of 2 possible ways. It depends upon the size of your dog. A larger kibble size may cause a small dog to chew slower because of the size of the food. The dog is forced to take smaller bites. In the case of a larger companion animal, larger kibble may remind him or her of treats. A dog enjoys dog treats. Some may not savor their dog food, but they do slow down when faced with a special treat.

This may not work with many dogs. For them, you can try making food time a game. Place their food in several bowls hidden around the room. As long as your dog does not gulp down them all, this may work. If not, try adding food or objects that will slow the animal down. Throw in carrots. Add large toys. The dog will have to stop and push or remove them out of the way.

Another option can be messy. Place the food on plates or cookie sheets. This spreads the kibble out. Some may be scattered across the floor. It means the dog will have to act as a hoover. It also means you will find kibble popping out from some unlikely places. However, if it gets your pet to slow down and improve his or her digestion, it is worth it. Giant Schnauzer

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